Explore a huge fantasy world.

Venture to fantastic locations and bustling cities, and travel to dangerous dungeons and uncharted wilderness. Find great challenges and rich lore by wandering off the beaten path and charting your own trail through the lands within the wall. Intuitive side-scrolling platformer controls allow you to run, jump, and climb your way around big open zones.

Engage in deep, strategic combat.

Employ an arsenal of skills and utilize synergy and careful timing to defeat your enemies. Planning is key, and how you and your allies work together will decide your battles.

Play with your friends.

Sealed World is designed from the ground-up to be a multiplayer experience. Hop on a dedicated server with your friends and play together, in 4-person parties or beyond. Great challenges await teams of players.


Sealed World is still undergoing active development, and the game is currently in a closed beta phase. As development progresses along expect to see more information right here, as well as on Twitter @SealedWorld

Sealed World

Sealed world features an original soundtrack composed by Leila "Woofle" Wilson, and character art by Lux of Purple Pwny Studios.

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Sealed World