Warrior is an up close an personal melee fighter. Offensive warriors have a good selection of abilities that damage single targets or enemies in an area around them. Warriors also perform well defensively, with skills to boost their own survival, as well as draw attention from enemies onto themselves.


Healer is a support-oriented spellcaster. No other class can match the healer in terms of raw healing power, but a good healer can use a variety of defensive spells and enhancements to prevent their allies from taking damage at all. If needed the healer can also hold their own as a melee fighter.


Assassin is a deadly melee fighter. Assassins specialize in dealing massive damage at once, and preventing their targets from taking action. While a Warrior has skills to survive attacks from their enemies, the Assassin instead has tools to avoid being hit in the first pace.


Mage is a strategic spellcaster. Wielding control over the elements of Fire, Water, and Lightning the Mage can use each of them to their advantage. Mages are capable of dealing massive amount of magical damage to their enemies, and have a variety of spells that change the way their own spells operate.


Bards walk the line between support and offense. Bards are equally strong at supporting their team-mates and disabling their enemies, as well as having a small selection of ranged attack skills. A good bard controls the flow of battle, making their allies better at what they specialize in and denying their enemies control of the battle.


Enchanters are specialists in items. Using unique skills that modify weapons and armor enchanters can give a unique advantage to themselves and their allies. Enchanters are hardly a pure support class however, and boast good physical and magical offensive skills as well.


Rangers are masters of the crossbow. Staying at a distance and exploiting every opportunity they are given is the way of the Ranger. Their skills are powerful, but often situational, and require a good knowledge of their enemies in order to reach their true potential. In addition rangers are masters of area denial, through use of traps.